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Commission. Profit. Revenue.

I will share with you exactly how we have done it for over 12 years, and the Tools we have created to make the whole process super simple and easy.
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Don't throw out your existing processes or software.

This is a supplement to your existing tools. These tools will help you get a better handle on your Financial numbers, Commission profit splits, Overhead tracking, Install Pricing, and more...

We Provide the Software and Knowledge to
Pay All Your Technicians Straight Commission Based On Net Profit The Easy Way!
If you are an HVAC Business Owner, then you need to take 5 minutes of your time right now, and listen to what I have to say. It may be the most important thing you do for your business this year.

Do you have all the pieces to your Puzzle?

The First Step is to Identify and Gather Your Puzzle Pieces for success

Do either one of these scenarios below characterize your situation?

"I want to pay my Technicians Straight Commission  based on Net Profits, but I am not sure how it affects my Overhead, Pricing, Invoice Processing, and overall business model."

"I pay all my Technicians commission on Net Profits. It can sometimes be a bit labor intensive to process the commission breakouts.  An easier way sounds really good to me!"

YES!  Then Keep Reading

Hello, this is Denis and Theresa Ory, we are the owners of D’s Enterprise Air Conditioning & Heating. We started D’s over 12 years ago, and we have been paying our technicians a straight commission based salary since the beginning, and over the years we have learned so much about the pros and cons of this model. It was in those struggles which has brought us here today, to share with you some knowledge and most importantly a Software Tool that I personally wrote.

Who am I?

I spent the first half of my career as a software developer, and during that time I invested in Real Estate and started an HVAC business just like you. For several years our business grew, and as it grew, so did the complications. I handled the technical problems, and my wife did all the office work. As we grew we hired a technician, and then two, and then I quit my corporate job.

It wasn’t until I quit my corporate job, that I really got involved in the day to day operations of the business, and started asking the tough questions, Financial questions, Pricing questions, Sales questions, Marketing, Growth, Overhead, Profit, Scaling, Process questions...

If you are currently paying all your employees straight commission on Net Profits, and you find the whole process super simple and easy, Then you are most likely doing something wrong...

Wow! That is a strong statement.

Building a Stable Financial Plan (Wall of Puzzle Pieces)

The pieces of your business are like a puzzle, each piece affects the other. Paying your employees based on Net Profit, the right way, is a careful orchestra of moving parts. If you get it wrong, the negative impact is swift and painful.

If you are not paying your employees a straight commission on Net Profits today, then I can guarantee you have no idea how long it takes to correctly process invoices every week, breaking down the proper Overhead and Expenses involved with a service or install, and then distributing those Net Profits to your technicians. It is complicated and tiresome.

We did it the hard way for many years, and it was time for a change.

Don't confuse this Product with some generic payroll software available on the web. This software is specifically customized to work with a Net Profit based Technician distributed system.

You will not find another product on the market that does exactly what I provide here. How do I know?

Because just like you,

I tirelessly searched the Internet for a solution to my problem, and I realized quickly that not only was nothing available, but no one even had a clue of what I was looking for. Unless you own and operate an HVAC business, then it is very hard for an outside independent software company to understand how Service Agreements, Install Pricing, Warranty Reserves, Per Tech Overhead, Sales commissions, and all the other facets of the business are carefully constructed to handle Net Profit Commission based pay.

Fitting Your Puzzle Pieces is the Key to Success

Are you ready to gather your Puzzle Pieces, And Build Your Puzzle

The Easy Way!


There is No Replacement For Knowledge

No, I am not a Financial Advisor or an Accounting Professional, but I can and will share with you what we have learned over the past 12 years.

We will discuss Overhead, Gross Margin, Net Profit, Billable Hour Rates, and many more concepts.

Why your Pricing has nothing to do with what your competition is charging
Get a grip on Commission and Net Profit Distribution, while allowing our tools to automate and handle all the hard work of manual Invoice Process calculations.  
Account for All Your Expenses in your Pricing (Warranty Reserve, COGS, Service Agreements, Sub-Contractors, etc...), seamlessly linked together through the Overhead & Pricing Spreadsheets, and Ledger Processing Tool.
A Snap-Shot of your business available at a moments notice
The Ledger Tool  is the heart  of the product, it is an invaluable piece of the puzzle...

You may be thinking, But, I already have Software for my business which does Invoicing and Dispatching. Why do I need this Tool?. Don’t worry…This is not a replacement, this is a Supplement or Add-on to what you are using today.

Instantly process Invoices and Distribute Commissions for all Service Call Types (Service, Installs, Tune-ups, & Warranty work)

Let the software do all the calculations, accounting for Overhead, Profit, Expenses, and all the other nuances of doing business in a commission based World

Track Technician pay per service type, Revenue generated, Sub Contractor Expenses, Helper Labor, Total COGS, and all the other Financial data that is key to tracking your business.

Get some TIME back in your life... My wife personally uses the software Tool. Her exact words, "This tool has cut my office time in half"

The Ledger Tool

Are You Pricing your Installs to meet your Projected Net Profits...
According to SageWorks (Financial Analyst), a very large percentage of industries operate in the black. The national average for HVAC Contractors is near 3%. Why are Profits so low? Contractors are simply not pricing their services based on their true costs.

Provided is a set of Pricing Template Spreadsheets covering a range of Full-System replacement combinations. Every pricing detail is covered and can be dynamically modified to meet your companies financial numbers.

If you happen to be a new business owner, this will definitely give you an excellent jump start.

These sheets are designed to align with the Ledger Tool and your overall Business Overhead, making sure you are actually charging your customers what it cost you to run your business and make a fair profit as well.

Doesn't everything seem complicated until someone actually takes the time to break it down and put it all into context. That is our goal. Avoid all the extra non-sense, and just get down to the core principles that you need to know to get a handle on your business financial numbers.