Getting to Know D's Enterprise (About)

We are a family owned and operated company. We take pride in the personal and professional quality service we offer. Our Goal at D's Enterprise is to create 

More  Than Satisfied Customers!


My success depends on my rock. This HVAC business is no different. To this day Theresa takes all the calls, Schedules all the appointments, Does more paperwork than I could ever imagine doing, and most of all, Keeps us Boys in line!

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Meet the D's Dylan, Danielle, Denis

We all work for Theresa...

Our Boss, Mother, and my Wife

Meet the Team 

Denis - aka "Last Man Standing"

My first career was in telecommunications as a software developer where I spent over 15 years designing, developing, and deploying multi-million dollar products around the world for large well known telecommunication providers like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and many others.


Theresa and I started and built D's Enterprise from the ground up one customer at a time with the help of some really great people along the way. We did it 100% based on referrals alone. It don't take long to create a following when you choose the high ride at every fork in the road.


With my technical background, HVAC equipment was just another avenue to test my skills designing, solving, and repairing equipment and helping families stay cool one house at a time.


David Holguin - aka "Superstar"

David has been with D's Enterprise for more than 7 years. If that is not eternity in this new work paradigm, then I don't know what is.  David has been doing HVAC with his father and uncle since he was 15 years old. He transitioned to D's many years ago to become a State Registered Service Technician and is currently also a Trane Certified Consultant.


David has helped D's grow over the years, and has been through the, "easy and not so easy days", the growing pains of any business. Somehow we managed to keep him on board kicking and screaming. Our customers immediately recognize and consistently ask for David to come out to their house. He is without a doubt one of the faces of D's.

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Bernard Ory - aka "B"

Bernard has been with D's Enterprise for a little over 3 years. Bernard is a State Certified Technician as well as a Trane Certified Consultant. Bernard has been in the HVAC industry for more than 4 years. His ability to work with each one of our customers, leaving a positive impression along the way is a true asset to the D's business model.


Bernard was part of the process re-work helping us to deliver a more consistent and overall better service to our customers. Many of the tools he brought to the table came from the work he did from another family owned company similar to D's located back in our home town of Slidell Louisiana.

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Behind the Scenes - the D's family

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