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Mckinney Texas Air Conditioner Repair


When your air conditioning system goes out, you want it fixed fast, and you want it fixed right. D's Enterprise has been providing fast and reliable AC Repair to our neighbors in Garland and surrounding areas throughout the DFW Metro-Plex for over a decade.

At D's Enterprise, we specialize in working with our customers to provide solutions that fit your families budget. We believe in providing options, not a one size fits all solution.

Our goal at D's is to create MORE than Satisfied Customers, one day at a time!

No matter what the problem is, we will help you make the best decision moving forward. If you need a New Air Conditioning or Heating System replacement, we can also provide New System Installation Options.

Our Technicians are Friendly and Experienced. Each and every Employee who works for D's is Drug-free and State Registered (approved to work in your home).

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Signs You May Need AC Repair


Strange Noises – Over time you will become accustomed to the sounds coming from your A/C unit. However, when you begin hearing strange noises that you are not accustomed too, such as, banging, clicking, popping, rumbling and any other noises that catch your attention, then you should get in touch with D's Enterprise and schedule an appointment to have one of our licensed technicians come on site and inspect the unit for problems.

Ice Forming on Your Coils – This is a common problem. There are multiple reasons why an air conditioner can freeze up. If you are having a problem with your A/C coils freezing then it is important that you have the problem addressed as soon as possible. A frozen air conditioner will not be able to cool properly and over time can cause severe damage to the system. Schedule an appointment with D's Enterprise Air and Heat today.

Low or No Cool Air – Whatever the cause, it will not fix itself and you will need to have it taken care of immediately. Many times a component within your condenser has failed, and it is stopping the compressor from mechanically compressing the Refrigerant. Other times it can be things like a failed motor, Low Refrigerant Charge, or even simply dirty or restricted Coils.

Sudden Spike in Utility Bills – There are many reasons as to why this can happen. Your Air Conditioning system is one of the most expenses appliances in your home, and consumes large amounts of energy in the North Texas Summer Months. Detached Ductwork, Low Charge, Dirty or Failing motors, and several other problems can cause your system to run innefficiently having a direct impact on your monthly operating cost.

Water Buildup – If you have noticed that there is an excessive amount of water surrounding the outside of your air conditioning unit, or if you have an unusual amount of condensation around the vents, then you will need to stop what you are doing and give D's a call now. Water and electricity do not mix and you should not attempt to handle this yourself as it can be very dangerous and possibly life-threatening. Let a professional technician From D's take care of this for you.

Dirty Filters – Whenever you inspect and exchange the air filters, if you notice that they seem to be exceptionally dirty or clogged each and every time, then you should begin to change them more frequently. You should also schedule to have your A/C inspected and cleaned. While the technician is there cleaning your system, he or she will make sure that you are using the correct type of air filter for your system and give you more pointers with what you can do on your own to ensure that you keep your system as clean as possible and reduce the need for frequent repairs.

Air Conditioning Repair - Service - Installation

  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • Coil Repairs
  • AC Freon Leak Repairs
  • AC High Voltage Repairs
  • Frozen Air Conditioner Repairs
  • Electrical Contactor Repair
  • Capacitor Repair
  • Worn AC Wiring Repair
  • Repair Damaged Control Voltage Wire
  • Air Conditioner Condenser Fan Motor Repair
  • AC Compressor Repair
  • Condenser Freon Leak Repair
  • Repair Accessible Freon Lines
  • Replace Furnace Control Board
  • Repair Indoor Evaporator Coil
  • Indoor Mold Prevention Treatment
  • Repair Drain Lines
  • Repair Abnormal Air Conditioner
  • Cooling Operating Temperatures
  • Thermostat Repairs and Replacements
  • Duct Work Leakage Repair
  • Many other AC Repairs!