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Contractor Expectations

What does a Contractor Expect from a Sub-Contractor ?

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You are representing a Contractor in a Customers Home. From the time you pull up in the driveway until the time you leave. The home owner views you and your crew as an employee of the company they hired.

Don't make the Contractor look Bad by your Actions or Appearance !

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On TIme

Showing up On Time, ready to work, with the right Tools, Equipment, Supplies, and Knowledge are an important part of a successful Install.

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You were hired to complete a Professional Install. Cutting Corners, sloppy work, and callbacks are not good for you, the contractor, or the home owner.

High Quality is best for everyone!

Respect the Customers Home

Protect the Customers Home!

Come prepared to lay out Drop Cloths on every inch of floor where you will be working. Every inch means every inch...Do not leave exposed floor that can be soiled or scratched.


The only thing the customer knows...Is what they see...

Quality Work, Clean Transitions, Organized Work Area, Professional Attitude, are just a few of the things you should be thinking about while you are on the Job.

Layout Drop Cloths

You want to separate yourself from the Competition

Things to consider

Easy to Reach - In the middle of the summer Contractors are selling Jobs everyday. Customers are very demanding, and they push for quick turnarounds. Contractors must schedule jobs quickly and efficiently. They are looking for you to be easy to reach and quick to respond to their needs. Communication is key.

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Knowledge Trane Equipment

Pick Up Equipment - Sub-Contractors who are willing to pick up Equipment for jobs are more likely to be on the Top of the Contractors List. You are their go to Crew. Most Contractors are willing to pay a small fee to avoid the complications of having to worry about picking up equipment for an Install.

Basic Supplies - Most Sub-Contractors carry general supplies on their Trucks to finish out a job (tape, mastic, screws, hangers, wire nuts, grommets, etc...). Some Subs even carry other things that are occasionally missed during the ordering process, which can save the day and guarantee a finished professional Install. Contractors have no problem paying for those extra supplies, they just want the job completed correctly the first time (Start Kits, Float Switches, Boots, Furnace Flue Pipe, etc...).

Contractors do not want to constantly have to go back to the same jobs and cleanup-up or finish-up work that should have been addressed during the Install. Time is money!

Consistency - Doing quality work each and every time is imperative. Every Contractor has their own Expectations of what they consider acceptable quality. Following their guidelines on quality must be consistently met every time. Unfortunately, your personal opinion on what is acceptable is not always the right answer. The right answer is the expectations of the Customer and the Contractor. You must rise to their level of expectations. If that Quality is outside of your scope, then sometimes it is best to be honest with the Contractor, and let them know that you are not a good fit for their jobs. This will save everybody a bunch of grief.


Communicate - Don't leave a job unresolved without communicating with the Contractor. If you are unsure how to proceed on a difficult job, it is always best to notify the Contractor and let them make the best decision for their customer.


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