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Nexia Home Automation


NEXIA Home Products

Nexia is built on an open architecture platform, which means it works with products from a number of different manufacturers. We are selective and only decide to work with the most reputable and innovative brands. So, with Nexia, you can choose the products that you prefer and be confident that our system runs on brands you know and trust.

On the Go, in the Know, and in Control

Nexia brings smart home automation together. Whether you’re purchasing your first smart home system or searching for faster smart home management options, Nexia has the solutions you need.

NEXIA Products

Explore the possibilities

Start with your thermostat and expand control of your home with Nexia.

Nexia is a leading home automation platform that helps you stay connected to your home and family—all from a single app. Nexia gives you to the ability to remotely monitor and control some of your home’s most basic functions, including heating / cooling, security, lights, cameras and more. If you wish, you can expand your Nexia beyond remote climate access.