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Year round Maintenance Tips

Throughout the Year you should keep the area around the outside units clean and free of debris. Trim back
shrubs so they’re about three feet away from you unit.  Regularly make a visual inspection of your units for issues that require a professional’s attention, such as dirty coils, damaged fins, water leaks/clogged drains (you might see water dripping outside above a window or door) or loose/broken/exposed electrical wires & connections

Depending on the type of Filters you use, you will need to replace the air filters in your HVAC equipment every 30 days / 3-6 months to promote proper airflow.

During the Fall/Winter
Consider Professional heating system check up.   During the inspection, the professional will check the electrical
connections and voltage, condensate drain, exhaust outlets, fuel lines, burners, heat exchangers and other

If you use natural gas for your heating system, replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector.  Check the expiration date of your carbon monoxide detector.  Most Carbon Monoxide detectors are good for 5-7 years and should be replaced after that time frame. Typically, the units have a tag or date stamp on the back to indicate it’s age or expiration date.

Spring and Summer
Consider Professional cooling system check up. The professional will inspect the connections, voltage, lines,
fins, pans, coils, refrigerant levels, blower system components and more.

Check the A/C refrigerant copper lines.  The fat copper line will feel cold or have condensation on it.  If the line does not have condensation on it or it does not feel cold to the touch, call a professional right away.  Insufficient refrigeration could cause major breakdowns.